The Intention of the teachings of the Divine Feminine is to aid in the restoration of the inherent and natural Divine Feminine balance, equanimity, flow and receptivity amidst the common busy-ness of those in service to God or those desiring greater alignment with their soul’s purpose.

The Universal and Cosmic Divine Law of Balance is a central aspect to the Teachings of the Divine Feminine, as I share and spread this love and harmony here on Earth through each individual mind and heart, aligning your consciousness with the collective Divine energies present in the cosmos and higher dimensions, bringing the Divine reality to Earth, raising the vibration and consciousness of the planet.

You will sense greater ease and peace as you embrace the Divine Feminine qualities of balance, joy, beauty and love.  The proper female Guide is an essential part of this process, that which is my purpose to connect all to the heart of the Great Mother, the Cosmic Mother, the Universal Mother, and to the heart of Mother Earth herself.

As you immerse yourself in the Teachings of the Divine Feminine, feeling the energies, allowing yourself to return to this natural state of being, the beauty of nature, the beauty of divinity pouring through you, you will find many aspects of your life coming into balance.  This translates naturally into greater health, wealth, love and happiness in all areas of your life, and in the lives of those you touch.  Hence, why I am offering this year’s Teleconference:  “Celebrating the Divine Feminine,” to share these energies, to anchor them here on Earth, for all of those interested in embodying more of this energy, to improve their quality of life and for your Spiritual communities.  These once monthly Teleconferences are designed to build your rapport and experience with these energies to build the constant presence of love in your energy field, thus in your body and in your life.  The various results that can ensue are quite endless.  The build-up of Divine Feminine energies certainly have a positive effect on everyone and on the Whole Collective of Mother Earth, creating peace, harmony and creating the possibility for greater transformation of Collective Energies on Earth.  As we all know, it all begins with You!

Thank you for reading and I will update you with more soon.

In love,