The Children’s Forum for Peace was created to give parents global holistic and natural resources for the children of the new Earth and to give children a space to voice their truth about who they are, what their personal mission for peace is, and suggestions that they have for adults, to assist them in this global mission for peace.  Our mission is to offer messages, inspiration and teachings for those who wish to bring more peace to our planet.

Here we will share guidance from children and adults whose personal life purpose and passion is to spread peace.

Anya Aliza Rose, author of There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Child:  Finding Peace in Parenting and author of the forthcoming book, Sacred Sexuality:  Honoring the True Essence of Women, is a mother to 3 boys and has been teaching, speaking, and healing in upstate NY and northern CA since 2004.

If you are a child who wishes to share content for this forum, please email your content to

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