A peaceful offering for dance and love, the celestial merging of the Feminine and Masculine, Sky and Earth, Shiva and Shakti, in divine communion and play on this auspicious day and on those coming in the weeks ahead. There are always energies dancing you. You simply feel and drop into the flow of this energy and you will move and be moved. Offering great love, bundles and baskets of love for all, walking gently, through the trees, feeling the wind blowing softly and the sun caressing your face, close your eyes and look up, open your heart and receive this today. Bounty & Bliss are yours. Open your hands and arms, take in some deep breaths, let gentleness transport you where you need to be today. Allow the sound current of life, of heaven, of the whale people, and of your soul bring to you into the cosmic ocean of the Great Mother, where harmony will bathe you freshly anew like a newborn baby to be reborn in the Spring time.  With an inhalation, accept this offering of Resurrection and Rebirth, it’s simply blissful.

Great blessings of joy and love are ours always,

In peace,