First of all, credits to Matisha and Elijah Ray for this beautiful video and song, and to the Spinner Dolphins of the Big Island, Hawai’i.

The dolphins are the perfect example of heart-centeredness, love, and higher consciousness, they hold a very pure vibration of light and assist with energetic and genetic codes for humanity. They are also holding the vibration higher consciousness for the planet.

I highly recommend that parents show these types of videos to their children. The Children of the New Earth are deeply connected to these beautiful animals of the sea.

There are new codes for those serving the Light on Earth, available to you in meditation today and tonight, just enter meditation and ask Spirit for them and they are yours, inhale and receive, the actual download itself will take about ten minutes once you’re in a deeper state of meditation.

Upon returning from your meditation, ask your Spirit team how you can serve the Cosmic Domain and humanity, so you can anchor the frequency into the physical realm.

Wishing you a blessed evening and meditation, and a heart of love blessed by the Eternal Ones who are pouring out bundles of light to ALL, for those who wish to tune in.

In service,