Happy Venus Love Day

Happy Spring Beloveds,

I love Fridays, a misty morning in Mount Shasta, cool, yet the energy is so fresh and crisp, in all ways. We are wishing you a blessed Friday full of love, miracles and joyful peace. From the ancient depths and realm of Lemuria, the light is getting stronger everywhere. Many are becoming what they came to embody. There is a need to remain strong, with great conviction, to hold the light at this time. Many don’t realize the vast wealth of energy below our feet, here in this part of the world. They walk about forgetting who and what is around them. If you close your eyes and feel for a moment, descend into the Earth below and look around, feel around, inhale and absorb what is there for you, you will not only create more rootedness for yourself, but you will meet those who serve you, who you also serve. There is no time for games in this reality dear souls. There is no room for double-sidedness. Make a decision to work for the light, for those who are here to serve you, will not, unless there is a clear decision and clear action following. This is a warning to those whose actions are murky. This is a time for clear decision making. This is a time of choosing who you are working for and with. Remember the lessons of Atlantis and Lemuria. Many are worried about outer sources of money at this time and are thus making fear-based, scarcity-based choices to sell out to the dark forces who are always lingering and waiting to tempt you into an ego-based, fear-based decision. Hold your consciousness higher, wait for the divine to intercede and stay aligned with your soul, God and the team of light above your head. When in doubt, wait and pray. You can always make a new choice in this now moment, to serve love, light and truth. Corrections can be made swiftly. Indeed, many corrections are taking place worldwide at this time. Most of this is unseen by the masses.

Pray for the love of Venus to descend upon you this Friday. Pray for the light of Lemuria to move up through your feet. Pray for purification of your body-mind and soul. Pray for love and peace to reign in all realms and for the strength to stay aligned with truth. The weariness of light souls is present, the Earth school has become very challenging. There are changes in the future, a lightness coming, in approximately 3 years there will be a shift in consciousness and light on the planet. For now, just know that it is in gestation, and it will be birthed in waves in the coming 1-3 years. Yet remember, all time is now, and this light exists in the higher realms now, which you can access not only in meditation, but all of the time if you choose to be aware. Be patient with the evolution here in this dimension for it is slower than you prefer. Be patient with your own evolution here for it is different this lifetime than before. It is always humbling for the advanced souls to experience strife in an incarnation such as this one. Call on the Archangels for support through this time. If you need assistance with your soul lessons, experiences or healing, write Anya for a private session, and messages will be give to you from the Masters and Archangels to support your personal evolution. Plant a garden, even if it is a tiny indoor garden of small pots of herbs. Plant something real, plant something loving for yourself now. Nurture it, for your soul requires this, allow the feminine to work through you, and remind you how to nurture yourself. Use your crystals, connect with your ancient knowledge through your crystals. Connect with the depth of your soul through your crystals, and let their light support your process. These “tools” have their place in this physical realm, use what you need. I recently happened upon an old favorite crystal that I hadn’t touched or deeply tuned into in a very long time and I was surprised by the energy I felt coming through it. Put your crystals on the earth for a night to clear them and charge them for use. I’m offering Skype sessions from Mount Shasta this week ahead, feel free to check in if you’re interested in boosting your energy and creating a shift for yourself.

We are hatching new projects right now, and I’ll share more about that later. The Celebrating the Divine Feminine Teleconference will continue in April, please email me to register at AngelPeace33@gmail.com

May we all keep planting new seeds of love this Spring.