Re-Posting Here for Those in Need of Information for their Children.

Total Family Metamorphosis with Andria Wagner

We are addressing the needs of many children here on the planet, and within that group falls many categories of diagnoses and labels which I am quite clear are detrimental to your child’s happiness.  We are in a time where great knowledge and wisdom are accessible to us for finding holistic and natural remedies for our children’s (and our own) issues.  Drugs, psychiatrists and diagnoses are intended for acute, severe and emergency situations only, however we must state that they are NOT the solution.  They are a two-day band-aid.  The problem in you and in your child will remain.  So how do we address the children’s needs?

There is a need to address diet, environment, school, family life, past trauma, past life trauma, energy healing and spiritual life in order to completely examine the situation.  And we need to as parents or adults become extremely honest about our own personal…

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