True Freedom



Many spiritual seekers today like to talk about Freedom as a spiritual topic and many speak about it from a personal perspective of Freedom taking the form of, “I want to do what I want.” This “freedom” that many seek or claim to strive for, is an adolescent rebellion and selfish egoity that is meant to be transcended if one is to truly achieve REAL Freedom. Further, TRUE Peace is created when Egoity is transcended. So if it is true that we are peacemakers, we must transcend the ego’s and the ego’s ideas of what freedom is, replacing it with Freedom and Peace as is described by Divine Law, Truth and Wisdom.


Real Freedom, Moksha, is Liberation. It is found only in the transcendence of the ego, of the body and of the mind. This type of Freedom, only occurs after a disciple has disciplined the Body and Mind. Until that time, the Ego willfully controls all actions of the Body and Mind, thereby stating and affirming, “I want my freedom. (To do what I want)” This Ego-”freedom” is freedom from discipline, responsibility and living according to divine law and sacred ways. It is the same adolescent freedom that created slavery and the same energy in which America was founded, the same old Masculine voice that cries, “I want to do what I want.” So they took the Africans against their will, they took a land, and they killed a race of Natives who had rights to this land, all in the name of FREEDOM. This is the same type of Illusory “freedom” that feeds the minds and egos of power hungry corporations and governments who create war, starving nations, raping women and children, and the like. This so-called “freedom” is actually tyranny. The tyrant says, “I want to do what I want, I want my freedom.” The tyrant then does whatever it likes despite what harm it brings to others, truly the epitome of the selfishly minded adolescent ego.


Freedom is not the right to harm others. Freedom is not the right to take what you want. Freedom is not even the right to do what you want. Freedom is true responsibility and accountability to live and act according to Divine and Sacred Law. As such, we invoke the Law of Balance, the Whale people and the harmonizing of humanity. The Law of Free Will is indeed real, yes, you have Free Will. However, the Free Will expressed to harm others will indeed activate the Law of Cause and Effect, in other words, Karma. There are consequences to your actions. The adolescent who says I want to do what I want and goes to a party, drinks 10 beers and drives home, getting into a car accident and killing another innocent driver, is indeed expressing Free Will, however is this “Right Action?” I think we all agree, “No.”


True Freedom however is not found in the egoic assertions of teenagers (which most adults still are). Teenagers, children, and adults alike all need to learn some form of rules, boundaries and right conduct, to be human, to truly act and behave as humans are meant to. Here is where discipline of the mind and body come in. Through discipline, Liberation can emerge. True Freedom is in the emergence of Enlightenment, Transcendence of Egoity, Liberation and in the responsibilities that entail a “Right Life,” a “Sacred Life” or a life in service to Love and to God. If your Ego-Mind convinces you that Freedom is about the refusal to engage in Right Life, or in Relationship, or in Communion with the True Divine, you will not find Freedom, you will find only more Egoity, more confusion, more pain, more suffering, more betrayal, more deception, and more Karma.


When you say you want your Freedom, what exactly do you mean? What do you think you mean? What is your Ego actually saying? Most have not transcended their Ego, therefore, the phrase, “I want my Freedom.” is almost always a construct of the Ego. We all seek Freedom, yet the Truth is, IT IS INNATE, you already have it. Align with your INNATE FREEDOM and then you will not need to assert that you want it. True Freedom is found after the Ego dies, when Self-Realization begins. When your Ego dies, you will have an unmistakable experience, followed by a new realization that you are not your Ego desires, that you are not even the mind that says, “I want my Freedom,” because if you were not in your Ego, you would not need to assert that you want your Freedom, you would know that you already have it. And you would realize that the Freedom your Ego seeks, is not the same as the True Freedom that already IS in all of existence, in each one of us, if we would live the Truth of AHIMSA, non-violence, non-harming and live in TRUE Love and Balance, which is the opposite of what most “freedom-seekers” do. When you find egolessness, love, truth, balance, and ahimsa, you have no desire to seek freedom, you ARE FREEDOM ITSELF, and you will not harm others in your seeking of freedom.


Breathe and take that in, for when your Ego dies, you will not affirm your need for Freedom; It will BE, for Freedom IS, just as LOVE IS. Ego death is not loss of freedom, it is the opposite, it is where you will finally FEEL the freedom you have wanted to feel. And that Freedom, is already there within your being, in your heart, in your mind, for it is the very true and real nature of your soul and of humanity.