Celebrating The Divine Feminine

with Anya Aliza Rose


Monthly Teleconference Series


Beginning Saturday, February 15th, from 11am-12:30pm (It is very important to register in advance, preferably before Friday, Feb. 14th in order to pay, email and receive the Teleconference Dial-In Instructions)


Email Anya at to register for this monthly series.


  • Join this monthly series to celebrate, cultivate, nurture, Honor and live your Inner Divine Feminine Self.

  • Whether you are male or female, the Feminine Energy is gender neutral, existing in ALL, in everything, and in everyone.

  • Healing, Revealing, Learning, Sharing, Embracing, and Connecting you more deeply to your REAL Self, the God within, and to all of Life.


Other topics we will cover:

  • Loving When It’s Hard

  • Surrendering to Love

  • How to get out of your own way

  • Purifying blockages to Divine Feminine Receptivity and Flow


  • Raising your vibration to receive a more perceptible Divine Feminine Flow


Each call is $35/person/month to be paid in advance via PayPal to


You may also pay for the entire year by registering by email to The course fee for the entire year, will be for 11 months of classes, $333.


About Anya:


Anya Aliza Rose is a mother to 3 sons, living in the Bay Area, CA, teaching and speaking on a wide variety of Spiritual Topics such as: Healthy Living (raw foods and more), Conception, Pregnancy, Birthing, Parenting, Divine Love and Spiritual Communication. She is leading a monthly teleconference series on the Teachings of the Divine Feminine, as well as a monthly Live Family Spiritual Event in Santa Cruz. She offers private sessions via Skype or Phone, helping clients with their health, spiritual life, soul lessons, family life and much more. She is an intuitive/medium specializing in clairvoyance and akashic readings. Anya is also a doula and post-partum doula helping families from pre-conception through post-partum. Anya has been speaking in the Bay Area since 2008, appearing on the Seeing Beyond Radio show in San Francisco and hosting live events in Mountain View and Seattle.


You may contact Anya at

Her new website is under construction.