Dear Ones,

We are still in the midst of what appears to be a very lengthy shift in direction, and while things are settling in our new location coming soon, we are going to be releasing new information about offerings, teachings and more, all for the benefit of the Star Children, or the Children of the New Earth.

In the meantime, I am being a mama and I’m available for private sessions via phone or Skype, you can reach me at  We will be creating a new website in the near future and for now it feels as though is going to be re-named.

If you know a special child who is in need of assistance, we can assist with prayers, resources and healing.  If you are a parent in need of guidance, regarding Self, relationship or children, as well as conception, pregnancy or childbirth we can assist., which was physically in the Bay Area is being moved a bit and now our center and school have gone virtual.  Angel Peace Center and School, which is a school intended to serve the needs of Star Children, will be built according to divine plan, instruction and timing.  If you are interested or guided to support this mission, contact me.  In the meantime, we are continuing instruction via private sessions.

If you are in need of childbirth preparation, pregnancy, birth or post-partum support, I can assist you when I am in the Bay area, feel free to email me if you feel guided to seek services.

Please stay tuned in to the whales and dolphins in meditation if you live in the Bay Area, you will receive the best guidance and healing there.  If you would like a dolphin or whale attunement, you may contact me for this energy service.

If you are a woman (or man) seeking healing from the collective old paradigm energies, you may also contact me for shamanic initiation.  I am offering shamanic healing services for those guided to me.

All services at this time are heart offerings from the divine, and donations are accepted.

We appreciate your patience and service.  Stay grounded and in tune with Mother Earth Beloveds.