I just received the Schooling Letter from the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends and I was reading this piece written by Monika Hofstatter from Germany and I really enjoyed it and wanted to share because it really spoke my heart.  

“I give thanks”

I give thanks for your kindness,

that I may call you friend.  

After a long search in blindness

I was led to a blessed end.


I give thanks for your trust in me

what I might become and be.

You allow me to glimpse the heavens

while I may grow here on earth.


I give thanks for your patience 

even if often I didn’t fully walk

the paths you taught,

finding all kinds of excuses.


I give thanks for your understanding

when often I myself did not.

But I was led to realize that you are my only home.


I give thanks for your mercy

when you saved me from darkest misery,

One look into your loving eyes

makes me balanced, calm and wise.


I give thanks for your faithfulness,

whenever I might have been misled

I always returned with regret.

With you I will stay, in you I can trust!


I give thanks for your love.

You surround me with safety and warmth.

If there was nothing left for me in this world

I would still be rich and never alone.


My present moment Bruno Groening testimonial is this:

My baby boy has been unusually fussy today, and I haven’t been able to do anything I have felt guided or wanted to do.  But I asked Bruno for help, so I could at least get this done, I put on the Heilstrom music and the baby stopped fussing immediately.  

Thank you,Image