The Children’s Forum for Peace is created to help you find a place to express your needs, desires and concerns for children, as well as find support and guidance for your life as a parent or even as a child.  There are many streams of information available to us today, that will help us prepare for the New Earth, the New Schools, the New Children and the new way of life, embracing love and the higher dimensions.  We are here to support and assist our collective progress as human beings, to provide truthful information, inspiration, and resources to parents in need, as well as to children.

We can discuss here, what do children need to feel at peace?  How can we feel more at peace with ourselves as parents?  My first book, “There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Child:  Finding Peace in Parenting” also speaks to many of these topics.  Click here to purchase my new release of this book:

We hope to continue to support parents, teachers, healthcare practitioners, light workers and children of all ages as we ascend and move into this new paradigm together.