1)To feature blogs, vlogs, articles and stories written by children on the topic of peace, education, and the needs of children in the world today.  If you would like to share here, write me at childrensforumforpeace@gmail.com

2)To feature my own blogs, vlogs, articles and seminars designed to educate the public about peace, education for children and the needs of children today.

3)To create a directory for the many Light Bearer’s on the planet to be featured so parents can find holistic, natural and peaceful remedies for children.

4)To create an additional portal to share the news of the Angel Peace Center and School in California, to promote holistic, natural, spiritual and alternative education for children.

5)To inform others about Star Children, their mission, their needs and to support the next 7 generations by honoring children, women and mother earth.Imagenee